about us

who we are

The Nigerian Red Cross Society (NRCS) was established through an Act of the Parliament in 1960. The Act, referred to as the Nigerian Red Cross Act of 1960, CAP 324 states in Section 5 (1) that ‘the Society shall be recognised by the Government of the Federation as a Voluntary Aid Society, auxiliary to the public authorities…’ This shows that we are a creation of the Federal Government of Nigeria and statutorily meant to complement public authorities in the area of humanitarian interventions. Our mandate is derived from the aforementioned Act of Parliament and the Geneva Conventions of which Nigeria is a state party.

our mission

The mission of the National Society mission is to alleviate the situation of the vulnerable people which include those affected by disaster, epidemics, armed conflicts and the poorest communities in both urban and rural areas amongst whom are women, children, aged, displaced and other vulnerable people.

our vision

  • To build a strong National Society that will continue to respond to both conflicts and other emergency situations with required professionalism;
  • To build a visible and respectable National Society in terms of activities, integrity, accountability, internal and external relations;
  • To develop focused and strategic systems that will enhance efficient service delivery with the required impact;
  • To develop the potentials in young people with the aim of mobilizing them for the purpose of service delivery to the vulnerable;
  • To put in place human and material resources for achieving the above visions.