Press Release


27 Aug, 2020

Server Room Equipment Upgrade and Networking (LOT 1) and UPS Battery Replacement and Inverter Maintenance (LOT 2) for the Headquarters of the Nigerian Red Cross Society (NRCS).


Due Date/Time for Submissions: 1st September, 2020 - 4:30 p.m.

(via email to and hard copy)


Introduction & Background:

The Nigerian Red Cross Society is a volunteering and humanitarian organization is in need of:

1, Server Room Equipment Upgrade and Networking (LOT 1)

2, UPS Battery Replacement and Inverter Maintenance (LOT 2)

and is accepting proposals in response to this Request for Proposal.


The objective of this Request for Proposal is to identify suitable service providers that will deliver the best overall value to NRCS. While price is a significant factor, other benchmarks not limited to previous experience, clients’ portfolios, flexible service level agreements, warranty given, customer service, transparency, technical competency, strategic implementation, project delivery and proximity for support services to be rendered on-site will form the basis for selection at this stage.



Goal 1: Upscale the server room equipment and networking devices to a standardize ICT benchmark to maintain best practice standard security measures, firewall protection, domain environment setup, standardize domain and backup polices, network anti-virus setup and expansion to cater for an ERP software setup.

Goal 2: Deploy Window Server 2016 or higher and prepare the server rack equipment to run as a primary server for a domain architecture, a backup secondary server both virtualized. Setup on a cloud service to serve as a cloud repository backup where on-site services can be accessed in cases of data recovery.

Goal 3: Prepare the server for the installation and setup of an ERP solution which can serve as a backup to the ERP cloud service as well as a VPN access for users off-site.

Goal 4: Recommendations for a preferred fibre optics dedicated internet service to match the intended services to be rendered.

Goal 5: Establish a one (1) year renewable Service Level Agreement to support the Server Room Equipment periodic maintenance and customer help desk.



Goal 1: Replacement of eight (8) faulty UPS batteries (12V, 200AH) assigned to a 5KVA/48 Volts Inverter with the maintenance of the UPS/Inverter unit.

Goal 2: Replacement of any faulty parts, test and repair of earth cabling and lightening arrestor, surge protector, etc.

Goal 3: A one (1) year Service Level Agreement renewable to support the installed equipment.



Please send all enquires towards developing your RFP submission only to Communications through out this process will be maintained strictly via email to maintain a status of transparency.


Download the full RFP here.