Press Release

Rejoinder: ICPC probes N200m missing in Adamawa Branch of Nigerian Red Cross

26 Aug, 2019

The attention of the Nigerian Red Cross Society, National Headquarters, has been drawn to publications by the Guardian Newspaper (ICPC probes N200m allegedly missing in Red Cross) on the 21st of August, 2019, the Hawk (Adamawa: Members of Red Cross Society drags Secretary to ICPC for alleged fraud) on the 26th of July, 2019 and the Almajiri (Adamawa Members of Red Cross Society drags Secretary to ICPC for alleged fraud) on the 26th July, 2019

We acknowledge that there is a petition written by some volunteers of Adamawa Branch against the Branch Secretary, Mohammad Saidu Bello, to Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) alleging financial irregularities among other things.

We wish to state here that we frown seriously at and do not take lightly any form of financial and material misappropriation, diversion, and or embezzlement for whatsoever reason or guise. Anyone found guilty of such will never be spared. Thus, the NRCS National Headquarters had since directed the Adamawa Branch Executive Committee to take necessary actions and ensure that the Branch Secretary and any other Branch staff, Officers and volunteers corporate with the ICPC while the investigation lasts. We have also set up an ad-voc committee to carry out the necessary internal mechanism as guided by our principles and statutes.

We are committed to serving humanity and fulfilling our mission which is to alleviate the situation of the most vulnerable people which  include those affected by disasters, epidemics, armed conflicts, and the poorest communities in both urban and rural areas amongst whom are women, children, aged, displaced, disabled and other vulnerable people.


Abubakar Kende

Secretary General