Volunteers school the media on COVID19

Volunteers school the media on COVID19

19 Sep, 2020

In a bid to continue the fight against COVID19, volunteers in Adamawa State took advocacy to another level as they donated face masks and hand sanitizers to 7 media houses.


Presenting the items, the volunteers underscored the need to put them to proper use. They noted that quite a few people tend to wear the masks under their chins or even remove them. They explained how to wear the Face Mask correctly saying it must cover the nose as well as the chin.


The volunteers spoke about the importance of using the media to create awareness about First Aid. They also made plans to train staff of the seven media Houses on basic First Aid.


Responding, the general managers of the various media outfits thanked the Red Cross for always putting humanity first. They also note that First Aid training will help to prepare staff to handle emergency situations better.