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The Argument for Cash Transfer

An old saying goes, ‘You can never have too much money’. Can’t really recall who said it but I know that there is this thing about cash.

It is tricky. It is almost as though there is this spirit that follows money around. Once cash is mentioned everyone sits up. And it doesn’t matter how wealthy they already are. 

EVERYBODY, always wants more money.

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Cash Transfer Programme: The Oyo Experience

The best way to describe our attempts at registering vulnerable people for the Cash Transfer Program in Oyo State is by calling it a race against time. We had 5 days within which to register almost 1000 vulnerable people across 3 local Government Areas. Now, this seems easy enough but the criteria we had been given by the International Federation of the Red Cross were stringent.

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A Challenge of Challenges

Life is a gift as even persons born with challenges can attest to. It's difficult to see that when it pricks you with a thorn of challenges, and It is more challenging when you have a disability.

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