Plot 589, T.O.S. Benson Crescent, Utako District Abuja (FCT). Nigeria.


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It all began as mere office banter as we connected with the international theme #UNSTOPABLE as we remembered the selfless contribution of Red Cross volunteers all through the early stages of the COVID-19. pandemic. Just a few whispers at first, but then it gathered steam.  It was only supposed to be a friendly/novelty match between the FCT branch of the Nigerian Red Cross Branch and the Headquarters staff to mark World Red Cross Day.

No big deal.

But by the morning of Saturday, the 8th of May when I got to the Astroturf in Zone 1, Wuse, Abuja, what I saw beat my imagination.

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The Red Story: Social Experiment

For the uninitiated, Banex Plaza is like the Mecca of Phones and their mobile accessories in Abuja.  It is an extremely busy part of town from sun up till sundown. On this day, the trademark hustle and bustle of that part of downtown was on full display.

Suddenly there was a screech and a scream! General panic.

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The Argument for Cash Transfer

An old saying goes, ‘You can never have too much money’. Can’t really recall who said it but I know that there is this thing about cash.

It is tricky. It is almost as though there is this spirit that follows money around. Once cash is mentioned everyone sits up. And it doesn’t matter how wealthy they already are. 

EVERYBODY, always wants more money.

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