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(1ST JANUARY, 1961)

Title:  Commencement:

Preamble     WHEREAS

i. the International Red Cross is an Association for the promotion of diverse humanitarian purposes throughout the world and comprises all duly recognised National Red Cross Societies together with two other Associations known as the International Committee of the Red Cross and the League of Red Cross Societies.

ii. one of the conditions for the recognition of a National Red Cross Society is that it shall be constituted on the territory of an independent State where one of divers international conventions relative to the Relief of Sick and Wounded is in force;

iii. the Government of the Federation has acceded to certain of such conventions further  particulars whereof are set out in the Schedule to this Act (hereinafter referred to as  the said conventions);

iv. the said conventions provide, among other things, for the functions of National Red Cross Society and other voluntary Aid Societies recognised and authorised by their Government, and for the use of the distinctive emblem of a Red Cross on a white  ground and of the words, "Red Cross" or "Geneva Cross", and for the prevention of their misuse;

v.  there has been in operation in Nigeria for some years past an association affiliated to  the British Red Cross Society and known as the Nigeria Central branch of the British Red Cross Society (hereinafter referred to as the former Branch) the trustees whereof have obtained a certificate of incorporation under the Land (Perpetual Succession) Ordinance;

vi.  the Central Council of the former Branch being the governing body of the said Branch, is desirous of forming a body corporate to be know as the Nigerian Red Cross Society, and of obtaining recognition for such body corporate as a voluntary Aid Society within the meaning of the said conventions to enable it to be recognised as a National Red Cross Society and obtain membership of the League of Red Cross Societies;

vii.  the formation of such body corporate and its recognition as a Voluntary Aid Society would facilitate the promotion of the humanitarian purposes of the National Red Cross in Nigeria;

AND WHEREAS it is expedient to make provision by legislation for the various matters aforesaid, and section 53 of the Nigeria (Constitution) Order in Council, 1954 as the same has been amended, enables the Federal Legislature by Ordinance to make provision in relation to Regions and the Southern Cameroon for the implementation of (inter alia) agreements with and arrangements relating to international and similar organisations outside Nigeria with respect to any matter, subject on certain cases to the publication of certain gazette notices on behalf of the Governments of Regions and of the Southern Cameroons.

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